The Largest Crowd Of People Crazy for Jesus In MN Can Be Found At Sonshine Festival 2011

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   7/13/2011

Sonshine Festival ( is the largest annual Christian event in MN.

The event takes place at the Willmar Civic Center in Willmar, MN, July 13-16th, with more than 100 of the top Christian bands in the world, including, Newsboys, Toby Mac, Skillet, Casting Crowns, Fireflight, Switchfoot, Manafest.  

It takes just over an hour from St. Cloud to get to the festival. This year is the 30th anniversary of Sonshine Festival, which started out as a youth event and has grown into a summer family camping event with activities for every age.

Here is a video of the crowd when Skillet was on stage in Sonshine Festival 2010.

This is one of the largest gatherings of young people sold out for Jesus I have ever witnessed. Despite how the media tries to portray and even mocks the people of MN that believe in God, there is no question that the young people are alive and well – bold in faith and united in worship.

According to the website, “Sonshine Festival is four days of fun, fellowship, ministry and many of the best bands in Christian music - with great camping facilities and youth group activities. It is the perfect choice for a four day family camping get away!

There are a number of different stages offering a variety of music, including a main stage, with large jumbotrons and an impressive sound system and light show. A metalcore stage, a large outdoor side stage as well as a "showmobile" stage which gives new bands the opportunity to perform live for the Sonshine crowd.

There is a dedicated Kids' activity center, with music and other entertainment - including an inflatable park. There are also ministry and prayer booths, merchandise sales from artists, concession stands and a skateboard park.”

Here is the promo video.

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