The Last Jedi - The Truth Within

By: Curtis Wayne 0 Comments   12/19/2017

What a great movie.  The Last Jedi is a great movie, full of action and drama. 

The Jedi will never end because the force will never die.  I will have to see the movie again to put all the pieces together, but here is my initial response.

Good versus Evil – I have to say I was wrong about this one.  I thought the writers were going to follow the culture demands and blur the lines between good and evil.  But they didn’t, they kept a clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys, just like in the previous movies.  I think this is what most of the movie critics were upset about. 

The critics wanted this new movie to abandon the ideas of the previous movies that held a clear line between good and evil.  The problem is that the writers cannot abandon the truth that both good and evil exist without abandoning the entire legacy of the story.  If they did, the entire story would move into chaos, fragmented stories without any hope of putting them back together. 

The future would be directionless and the past would be in vain. They would have to portray that the Jedi never really achieved anything ‘good’ and their mission and the lives they sacrificed have been for nothing.  This is what post-modernism leads to, your life becomes worthless.  The secular culture does not care if they destroy the value of life along the way.  They want the writers to blur the different between good and evil because the existence of good and evil points to a true source of good, a God that is holy and righteous.  This is the problem they have, if this is true than we are accountable to him. 

They want the writers to portray good and evil as something that is arbitrary and subjective, relative to the person and the situation, in order to avoid God as the true source of righteousness.  But the writers cannot do this without destroying the entire saga.  The writers made the right decision and saved the legacy of the Jedi this time, but I’m not sure the secular culture is going to let them continue much longer.  They did blur the lines a little bit when Rey and Kylo Ren joined together to fight against Snoke and his elite guard.  But as soon as the fight was over, they quickly took opposite sides of the force. 

Jedi Religion - Luke admitted the sacred books are the foundation of the Jedi Religion.  I don’t remember other Star Wars movies admitting the Jedi practice is a ‘religion’.  Defining the Jedi practice as a religion means that they have a god and a process to worship that god (the force).  Luke tells Rey that the force is within everything in nature and therefore even after he dies there will always be people that use the force for good, so the Jedi religion will never die. 

So Luke tells us that there will never be a last Jedi, despite he being the last trained Jedi and the name of the movie.  The Jedi religion, like all other man-made religions, is very weak.  It has no answers to the questions of life, the first of which being who are we.  Rey looks deep into the force to try to find answers about her identity and found nothing because the Jedi religion does not have answers to life's questions.  Yet it is necessary to practice in order to use the power of the force for good.  

This is why the movies are so popular, because they make us out to be our own gods, capable of changing the world by ourselves and it lets us imagine that their are no answers to the question of life.  It lets us pretend that the answers of life are not important as if we don't need them, because the religions don't have them anyway.  But this is far from the truth.  The questions of identity that Rey is desperately looking for are answered by Christ.  And because our identity can be explained, our lives are not in vain.  This is what we read in 1 Cor. 15:58.

Spiritual Mystery – Perhaps the most compelling draw of the Star Wars movies is the spiritual mystery that everyone relates to.  No matter your religion or anything else about your life, we all realize that we live in a spiritual world.  Regardless of the decades of secular schools teaching that the world is only material, everyone knows this is a lie.  Life is not just material and we are not alone in the universe.  Someone put this universe together, continues to hold it together and that someone has designed purpose into our lives beginning with our identity.  Our lives are meant for more than just this world and the love we have for each other testifies that we were created with a destiny.  

I highly recommend the movie.  It is a great place to talk to people about how important your worldview is to your life.

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