The Lord Continues To Bless Delight Media As Our Influence Grows

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   2/18/2013

We hit a major milestone this month.  It was hard to imagine when we began a few years ago just how many people would be interested in Christian news and journalism in Central MN.  

Most of the media today either secretly despises Christianity without openly saying so because they don’t want to lose readers and advertisers, or they have given up trying to hide it and are boldly anti-Christian. 

I read today that NBC declared war on Christianity without excuse.  

There are several reasons for this, one being that most journalism schools these days are taught by secular professors that mold the education of their students and two because Christian leaders no longer encourage Christians to pursue a career in journalism.  Perhaps they don't realize the major influence that journalism has on society.

That being said, the vast majority of the population is Christian.  But they are surrounded by an increasingly hostile media that is growing bolder in its criticism of Christianity every day.  By the numbers, more and more people no longer trust the media and many have completely stopped consuming media because of this.

At the same time the influence that the media has in shaping the culture is growing.  People are being influenced by the media whether they like it or not.  One reason for this is because media has become part of entertainment.  I’ve read that a large percent of people get their daily news from the late night talk shows.

Along came the Internet

The Internet has begun to make a major shift in the media business.

No longer can businesses ‘own’ the rights to viewers by buying the local media outlets or cable TV stations.  People are free to find a media source they like on the Internet and that is where we come into the picture.

In two short years, we have gained a lot of support and readers.  We are currently seeing 1-2 thousand visitors per month to this website, with half of them returning to continue reading.

The milestone that I am especially excited about is that we hit 15,000 visitors with 60,000 page views.  Not bad for writing a few articles per month.

We have big plans for the future, so big that it will be hard to imagine that we started so small and in two more years, we may have 15,000 visitors per month.  I cannot wait to announce some of our expansion plans. 

The Lord has been good to us and we praise him for it every day.  Our voice on the Internet is not something we take for granted.  The Internet is full of wickedness, which is all the more reason we should be here.  How else are people living in the darkness of the world going to find their way out without a light in the corner of the room? 

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” – Romans 10:14 

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” – Romans 10:17

Christian journalism is a worthy career that more young people should consider. It is a profession of intellect and honesty, with unlimited opportunities to lead people to Christ.  The early church didn’t have the Internet, but if they did, I think they would be all over it.

We are always looking for more writers to share with the world what great and mighty things the Lord is doing today, so if you know of someone burning to write – send us an email.

Thank you so much for reading along with us and sharing this milestone with us. We cannot wait to hit the next one.

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