The Nation May Be At A Tipping-Point, But It’s Not Too Late To Pull Back From The Brink

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   12/31/2012

Does it feel like God has been keeping quiet? Like He's considering, or maybe already has, abandoned our nation?

Our government continues to take immoral steps, yet an increasing number of people lean on it.

The economy deteriorates unaddressed while natural disasters shout for attention.

Israel's safety is threatened but the United States steps out of the room. In many ways, we have politically stepped aside from scripture. Has God stepped aside from us?

The recent elections and continuing news reports can lead to hopelessness-- a feeling that we're in a shiny, steel-lined hole in which our foot slips with every effort to climb out. Or, maybe that we've woken up on our soft mattress with a silk comforter only to find our bed has been resting on quick sand, and we're sinking fast.

The feeling of instability I've just described is nothing new on this earth. King David spent years running when he was supposed to be on the throne, first from King Saul and last from his own son. During these times, lawlessness had encroached upon government, and the impact on him was piercing.

Jesus' disciples had also experienced this lawlessness and hopelessness. Jesus' trial was rushed on in darkness and was not walked through as it legally should have. Perhaps Peter mirrored our feelings of hopelessness best when he denied Jesus among the crowd of people. I can only imagine his thoughts: This man, who had done miracles, been loved by the people, and proven His Lordship, is being arrested? How could the people permit this-- and even more, how could my Lord permit this! What of the last three years? What of the promises He made?

The prophet Elijah is another who experienced hopelessness. At one point he expressed defeat to God, claiming he was the only "Christian" left. But no, God said thousands more in Israel were still serving Him!

After observing culture these past few months, and watching the swing of young people in particular, it's tempting to think, like Elijah, that authentic Christianity has spiraled downward. But after speaking with two young people, I'm convinced that this may not be the case. God is still at work in drawing hearts:

Young Adults Turning to Christ

Amy is a missionary at a large public university. She works with Christian students on campus who are facilitating Bible studies in their dorms. She said the number of students attending these Bible-rooted meetings is growing in both numbers and depth. In other words, she's seen an increase in the maturity of Christian students who are acting out their faith in a real, impactful way. This authentic, mature faith appears to have been a magnet to other students on campus.

Later on, I spoke with a young man named David. We discussed the November elections. We both lamented on the direction voters took, especially regarding the marriage amendment in Minnesota. With such large, wellttended churches in the Twin Cities, how could this happen? Why are there so few church-goers who don't apply Biblical principles to their decisions as voters?

Because, David said, as much as we might think church-goers know their Bible, many of them aren't reading it. They rely upon what they hear from others rather than reading God's word for themselves.

David said he was one of those people who was raised in the church but didn't take much time to read the Bible on his own. He could have fooled me, because I thought he knew as much about the Bible as I did. He said he's just started reading it, and though he's considered himself to be a Christian for many years, it's only been since he's read the Bible that he's actually seen God at work not just around him, but also in him.

David's insight is convicting. How many of us are reading the Word? But his insight is also revealing of God's mighty work. Nobody forced him to open his Bible. It's God who continues to draw people into His word and an understanding of His unmerited favor. No matter how much bell-ringing and whistle-blowing we do, no matter how many Bibles we send to foreign countries, no matter how many tracts we pass out on the streets- it's God who draws people to Himself.

Make no mistake that He calls us to evangelize, uses us in His work, honors the efforts of those who earnestly seek Him, and transforms us by His Word as He did for my friend David, but it's Jesus Christ who wrote the book on our faith.

We may feel alone, and Satan would want us to feel alone. Hopelessness can feel like the world is slowly rolling toward the edge of a cliff and we're falling with it. But let us not forget the One who created this rolling world and loves us deeply, who has invested His son on our behalf. He will not leave us and, though blind we may be, He continues, lovingly, faithfully, and miraculously, His work among us.

After all, King David wasn't left alone in the desert, and the people weren't left with a tyrant for a ruler. Some in the kingdom may have thought they were already past the tipping point and dooped for destruction. But David's throne was restored, and the next ruler, Solomon, was known worldwide for the great wisdom God had bestowed upon him. He did not abandon Israel.

And Jesus did not stay dead. He rose out of that grave and met with His disciples and went on to rule over a kingdom not of this world.

In a hopeless world, may we fix our eyes on Jesus Christ, the author of hope.

John 16:33: "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." -Jesus Christ

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