The Night God Saved Phil Stacey's Life

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   9/16/2012

SAUK RAPIDS -- Last night I heard an amazing story of how God saved Phil Stacey's life.  Phil Stacey was in concert at Discovery Church in Sauk Rapids.  

Phil took 5th place on the 6th season of America Idol in which Jordin Sparks went on to win.  

The concert was part of a weekend celebration at Discovery Church to celebrate their new building.  

Phil sang some great songs, but right in the middle he stopped to tell us this story of how God saved his life.  

The Night God Stepped In to Phil’s Life 

When he was sixteen years old he came home from working a shift as a waiter in a local restaurant.  He pulled up to the garage and got out to pull open the garage door.  

Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him and turned to see a masked gunman pointing a gun at him.  He watched the gunman load the chamber of the gun and just as the gunman was about to shoot he looked up and began shaking with fear.  He then ran away and stole Phil’s car in the driveway.  

Phil’s parents were pastors and they live in the house next to the church.  So Phil ran across the yard to the church where his parents were holding Sunday night service.  

When he got to the church and opened the door he saw everyone was in the front of the church at the alter praying, so he sat in the back to wait for the service to finish.  

But someone saw him come in and shouted “There he is”.  Phil later found out that in the middle of the service his mother felt the Holy Spirit telling her that Phil’s life was in danger.  So they stopped the service and everyone in the church gathered to pray for him.  

This alone is amazing, that his mother heard from God and stopped to pray which saved his life, but it gets even better.  A few days later the FBI came to their house to talk to him about the incident.   

They told Phil that these guys have stolen five other people’s cars across several states and he was the sixth.  But they wanted to know what was different about this time, because they had killed every single person accept him.  All five others were killed. 

This story shows us that God is not dead. He is very much alive and active and he is not silence.  He will personally step into our lives just as he did Phil’s when we ask him too.  

This is the God we serve.  Not only is He the creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them, but He is willing and able to intervene in our lives to protect us and answer our prayers.  

There is none like him.  

At sixteen years old, Phil had no idea that someday he would be singing in front of a hundred million people on America Idol.  

An event that would give him a platform to tell his testimony in many places around the world and tell this story of the night God saved his life. 

At the end of the concert, Phil and band played one of my favorite songs, “Your Grace Is Enough”

Here is a video of the song;

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