The Pilgrim's Progress Musical Will Be Performing in St Cloud March 7-10th

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   2/20/2012

The Pilgrim's Progress is a Christian allegory written by John Bunyan and published in February, 1678. It is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English literature and has been translated into more than 200 languages.

At age 22 John became a Christian and by 28 he was the minister at St John’s church in England. He wrote several books, the first at age 28 “Some Gospel Truths” and the second at age 29 “Vindication”.

But as his popularity grew, he also became a target for slander. At age 30 he was arrested for preaching without a license.

That same year his wife died leaving him with 4 children, one of which was blind. But he continued preaching.

He spent the next 5 years in and out of jail for preaching and refusing to stop preaching.  Yet he continued preaching, even though his children were sometimes without a father or someone to financially support them. 

His conviction to continue preaching regardless of the cost to him or his family tells us that he knew what was at stake. He must have read the Bible a great deal and let Jesus’s words sink deep into his heart. 

How else could he have believed that it was greater to continue preaching in order to save some at the expense of his freedom then to stop preaching?  Perhaps he read;

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” - Romans 10:14

Perhaps he knew that he was personally called by God to preach the gospel to the people he lived around and the thought of his responsibility to their eternal destination burned within him.  God is personal and the Bible is full of examples of God calling people into ministry, sometimes even before they are born like John the Baptist.

In many cases when God calls someone to a life of preaching in a hostile world that rejects Christ, He gives them revelation of just how important the knowledge of Christ is to those that believe.  

Just one glimpse of the reality of Jesus is all it takes to compel anyone to overcome the world and all it has to offer and to remain in the joy that comes with that understanding.   

Nothing was going to stop John from preaching. It was too late for him to reverse course, the seed of God had been planted long ago and had grown in wisdom and knowledge within him. 

It was in this setting, at 35 years old from a prison cell, as he was burning to preach that John wrote “The Pilgrim’s Progress”.  It is a story that captures everyone’s journey to the cross.

The Pilgrim’s Progress was performed in St. Cloud five times in November 2011, with over 1,300 viewers.

But many in the area didn’t get a chance to see it, and therefore it is returning to St. Cloud in March 2012.

“Pilgrim” is a stage adaptation of this classic bestseller set in modern times and telling the story of one man’s journey to the Cross and beyond. Complete with tasteful humor, heart-wrenching emotion, and powerful life lessons, Pilgrim is a must-see for the whole family.

“Pilgrim” will be performed at Calvary Community Church in St. Cloud, March 7th-9th at 7pm and March 10th at 2pm and 7pm. Tickets cost $5 for adults and $3 for students and kids, with a family rate of $15 for families of four or more. Youth groups with a leader attend free of charge. For more information, email Alyssa Potter at


If you have family, friends or loved ones that are not saved, bring them to this performance and pray that God will use it to open a door for you to share the gospel with them.  Many people in St. Cloud that will see this play will be asking questions, so be ready to talk to co-workers and neighbors about the gospel. 

Prayer avails much.  God delivers and He rewards those that ask Him, so pray in the days leading up to this performance that God would soften the hearts of the people of St. Cloud and ask for many to give their lives to Christ through this event.

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