The Resurrection Of Christ Changes Lives In Every Nation, Culture – He Is Uncontainable

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   4/2/2013

Today, I’m still reflecting on the Easter holiday—reflecting on what Christ did for us so that we may have eternal life with Him in Heaven.  

He made the ultimate sacrifice, enduring unimaginable beatings and torture all while serving the Father and obeying His command.

Jesus had the choice to not go through with the impossible task set before him. But instead, Jesus chose to overcome the impossible for the purpose of glorifying God and saving His children from a life of suffering and destruction.  

I’ve been reading a book called “The Insanity of God” by Nik Ripken. This book gives an account of a man’s life working in the mission field, while also telling his personal journey of how he came to know Christ.

The chapter I happened to read during this Easter weekend gave an account of Nik’s first time hearing the Gospel story. He could feel the sadness the disciples must have felt witnessing the crucifixion. And he could understand the love Jesus was showing through His selfless act.  

The author continues to paint a picture of the Easter story and how he felt when reading it. He described his thoughts and feelings including the joy and excitement he felt when reading that Jesus rose from the dead—He was no longer dead in his tomb!  

After this, he goes on to describe the scene before him as he sat in the church pews listening intently to the pastor:  

“. . . I quickly glanced around at the people around me. Other children were drawing or writing on their bulletins; some fidgeted, others stared blankly, deep into their private daydreams. The majority of the adults that I could see seemed to be sitting and listening intently enough—looking and acting no different from any other Sunday during any other sermon.”  

Isn’t this sometimes what some of our own church congregations look like? 

The author continues, “I simply could not fathom how it was that nobody cared enough to be truly celebrating this incredible story about Jesus’ death and resurrection that we were hearing . . . unless, maybe they had heard the story so many times before that, now, they saw it as . . . just a story.”  

This last sentence is what really made me take a step back and consider that this may be true. Has our generation become so familiar with the Easter story that we no longer view it as life changing and incredible? We believe it to be true, but why is it that it does not always result in abundant hope and pure excitement each time we read it and every time we celebrate the Easter holiday? 

When instead, it is the source of our faith and the center of our salvation and grace. We cannot let ourselves become so “familiar” with the Bible that we stop getting excited each time we read these Sunday school stories we grew up on (for those of us that did). Instead, it should be a source of joy and hope in our personal lives and a push to share it with others who have not yet experienced this grace in their lives.  

Maybe if we truly had more excitement about what Easter is all about instead of simply waking up to attend a typical sunrise Easter service in our best attire, we would live out the urgency to share the Gospel with others so they can celebrate the holiday as children of God just as we do.  

And we, as Christ-followers, would never allow the Easter holiday to become a great story that we simply celebrate once a year and after spend time with family while enjoying a delicious meal. But let us be drawn to our knees every time to worship our sovereign God that made the impossible decision to sacrifice His only Son so we may have true life. 

I pray that my heart and spirit would always truly resonate on the story of sacrifice and salvation that is found in the Easter holiday and never become just a tradition of my faith.

And even more, I pray I would always feel the urgency to share the love of Christ with someone who has not yet made the decision to surrender his life to God and have eternal life that is offered so freely to us.

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