The Small Things Determine The Big Things

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   4/10/2013

Faithfulness is such a pertinent part of our daily lives and relationship with God. Ultimately, faith is the source of that relationship—our salvation sacrificially given by the Lord and our faith in Him.  

But what do we really think about our own faith?

How do we categorize it and in what areas do we limit the faith we require of ourselves.

In the flawed world we live in and the imperfect relationship we have with our Savior because of sin, many times we place a limit on the amount of faith God requires of us.  

Sometimes, the big picture is what comes natural to us. It’s easier to have faith in the knowledge of knowing our God exists and believing that He will return one day. But where do we place our faith in the small things? When we truthfully examine our lives, would we say we’re faithful in the small things or only in the “big picture” aspects of our faith? 

It’s really a daunting question because if we answer honestly, that means we then have to act. Once we come to a place where we realize the areas in our faith we need to work on, we can no longer remain dormant. So once we establish an area of needed improvement, the natural next step is to spend time on our knees in prayer, asking that God would break us of our lack of faith and do a mighty work in our lives.  

Oftentimes, I do not think we realize what we’re asking for in these prayers. Deep down, this is truthfully what we want. But for many of us, myself included, we fail in the circumstances God places us in to answer our prayers—places that require us to remain faithful and expand our trust in Him.  

How can we learn to have more faith and trust in our Lord if He does not place us in circumstances that require this of us? We want God to use us for His purposes and to do mighty things in and through our lives—we even want to devote our entire lives to expanding His Kingdom. But how can God entrust His “big picture” plans to us when we are not yet faithful in the small things? 

And when we face trying situations and do not rely on the Lord, but instead lean on our own strength and understanding, why would God then move us to something new? We first must be faithful in our present circumstances.  

When we ask God to grow a greater faith and trust into our hearts, God will place us in situations in order to develop these attributes. And it is then that we have a responsibility to hold true to our request and seek His strength alone to bring us through our present circumstances.  

Many times in our lives, we simply want to jump to the greater and bigger plans God has for our lives instead of taking the time to learn what God wants to teach us in our present, daily lives.  

God wants us to remain patient and trust in His timing. He will give us a vision and a dream for His plan in our lives, but it may be years before we see them play out. But the waiting period is not wasted. God has values to teach us amidst the waiting period. Nothing is without its purpose when we live our lives fully committed to the Lord’s will.  

The story of David is an excellent example of this. One part of his story reads in 1 Samuel 16:13, “So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him (David) in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David.”  

In this part of David’s story when he was anointed, he was only 15 years old. But it was not until another 15 years had passed that David became the King of Israel and reigned for 40 years. David remained faithful to the Lord’s will during those 15 years where he faced many battles that required his faith to be in the Lord. God used him for great purposes in those 15 years before he became king. They did not go to waste and all played a role in God’s purpose for Him later in life.  

Just as David was faithful in the small things before he became king, God requires the same of us. He is a God that will instill great faith and trust into our hearts as we rely on Him. And it is our responsibility as Christ-followers to remain faithful in the small things so God may use us for His greater purposes.

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