The Waters Church Begins Expansion Project To Double Sanctuary

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   4/5/2013

SARTELL, MN – It was just a few years ago that the Waters church in Sartell moved into their newly remodeled building.  

Since then they have been growing and growing, adding Pastor Kyle last year and then adding a Saturday night service to their already two Sunday services. 

But more people keep coming, as their hunger for the Lord seems to be contagious. So a few weeks ago they decided to expand the building.  

Pastor Doug is so excited, “We are so excited right now.  We are going to be doubling our sanctuary from 300 to 600 seats. The present sanctuary will be mirrored to the South.” 

But that is not all, they also have a growing number of children and the need for more office space, so they are going to expand the building to accommodate.  

“We will have some new offices added to the front.  To accommodate the kid’s growth.... our upstairs will be converted to a Jr. Kid’s church.  So, our preschool will be birth to 3.  Jr. Church from 4-7 and Kid's church from 8-12.  This will allow our adults to double and our kids can grow by about 50%,” said pastor Doug.

Adding 300 seats to the sanctuary will allow the church to grow, but more adults will mean more kids, which will bring them back to the drawing board to further expand. 

“More adults will mean more kids, so we hope to start another expansion of a kid’s area the following year.  We currently have about 250 kids each weekend under 12, so we will fill up the new space quickly!!  LORD WILLING!!, “ said pastor Doug.

It is awesome to learn about the Waters Church expansion and what the Lord is doing in Sartell. 

“It is really exciting and really stressful, but such a blessing to be able to move forward in what God has for us!!,” said pastor Doug 

The Lord is good.  He is the reason his people gather together to Worship and learn more about Him. To learn about the Lord is priceless. 

Pastor Doug is a true hero to pour his life into the people of Sartell and for them to respond with an increasing hunger for the Lord is rare these days.  They will be rewarded.

"Walk in obedience to all that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess." - Deut 5:33

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