The Waters Church In Sartell Adds Talented New Youth Pastor

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   9/7/2012

SARTELL – The Waters Church turned five years old this month.  They have grown into three weekend services and a new building with a very large children’s ministry. 

As the children move into the youth group, they decided to add a fifth pastor to head up the youth group.

Pastor Kyle Curran started this month. I had the chance to visit with Kyle and see him on the worship team. 

He is amazing on the guitar and will be a big part of the worship team.  It turns out that he learned to play at another local church.

“I taught myself how to play the guitar growing up and my sister who actually leads worship in Cold Spring for my dad, she does the Wednesday night there, so she coached me”, Kyle said.  

Kyle’s dad is the Senior Pastor at River of Life Assembly of God in Cold Spring. 

Kyle is excited about his new role at the Waters, “Rachelle and I will be working in the youth ministry”

“They are expecting a boom in the youth department”, because of how big the children’s department is there is going to be a lot of kids coming into the youth department”, Kyle said.   

Talented young adults that have a heart to pursue the Lord vs. using their talents to pursue other careers are hard to find.

“Having another male figure there is what they were kind of looking for and Pastor Doug began to talk to me in April”, Kyle said.

The last few years Kyle has been working in the Cities at the Assembly of God office, scheduling and coordinating large events all around the state.

Kyle grew up right here in Central MN and he plans to stay here. “We are in the process of buying a house in Sartell”, Kyle said.

Kyle graduated from Rocori High School in 2003 and North Central University in 2008.  

The Waters “youth group is called Overflow and the Children’s department is called ‘Kids Splash’”, Kyle said.  These are their Wednesday night programs that are in full swing now that fall is here. 

The Waters Church was one of several local church plants and they have caught the vision of church planting.  They have already helped launch one new church in Coon Rapids and possibly another in the spring.

The Waters Church has been in there new building in Sartell for 18 month now. The building is a perfect fit, very well designed for all their ministries – accept if they keep adding pastors they are going to run out of office space.

It is awesome to see The Waters Church expanding in Central MN.

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