TheROCK FM Preparing for Launch of New Radio Station in St Cloud

By: Ryan Atkins 0 Comments   2/28/2011

In the last ten years, Christian music has come a long way.  Now there are so many good Christians bands that they are making top charts every year.  Christian music artists are also having a big impact on the culture, and many are making it onto American Idol's top 24 each year.

After all, Christianity is about rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.  Worship is an integral part of God's design of us and his relationship with us. 

However, we all like to find our own groove, and when someone comes to know Christ their music interests usually don't change very much - just the words they sing.

The young adults and youth of this age like a variety of music, including Rap and Rock. 

Justin Braulick, a St Cloud Tech and St Cloud State alumnus is one of three board of directors for TheROCK FM, a Christian based rock radio station that will begin airing in the fall of 2011.  Braulick had his life impacted by Christian radio as a 20 something and desires to reach others who enjoy the type of music he listens to.

“Christian radio played a significant role for me in becoming a Christian when I was in my early 20's,” Braulick said.

“Though I started listening to Christian artists such as Michael W. Smith and 4Him, that was not the music background I had come from. A friend suggested The Fundamental Elements of Southtown album by P.O.D. to me and I was hooked.”

Braulick came up with the idea of the radio station while completing his first year of law school while in Florida.

“Spending my first year of law school in Florida, I came across a station that played everything on my IPOD playlist (Artists like Lecrae, Underoath, and Family Force 5 to name a few),” Braulick said.

“With the intention of moving back to Minnesota, I had inquired with some colleagues involved with Christian radio and teen ministry in the Saint Cloud area about the possibility of the market for such a station. The response back was very encouraging, they said that the need is there. However no station is targeting that age range with The RockFM's proposed music. From there we formed a nonrofit board and proceeded with raising support and connecting with an attorney could help us with filing our application for the FCC frequency.”

Carly Mott, first year student at SCSU, had lived in Colorado Springs during the majority of her teen years grew accustomed to a similar radio station that TheROCK FM will be.

“They (the radio station in Colorado Springs) were family friendly but had a variety...,” Mott said.

“There were tons of songs. Heard new and many different songs. No repeats. They had contests to win tickets to concerts and the advertising (was for young people) for bowling alleys, arcades and bumper cars.”

TheROCK FM hosted a concert at SCSU on February 11, 2011. The bands that played that evening were Disciple and Project 86. Braulick was pleased with the outcome of the concert.

“It was a fun experience. The bands were high energy,” Mott said.

“They talked about how they got started and their passion for the Lord. Normally bands will say little things, but this time all of the bands base was the Lord. "

Braulick was pleased with the outcome of the concert.

“Having had just over four weeks of promotion for the concert we were very happy and encouraged with the turn out. We had over 300 people attend,” Braulick said.

Reeling with the momentum of a successful concert Braulick is eager to move forward with the mission of TheROCK FM.

The goal is, “To have a positive impact on the Saint Cloud community by introducing young adults to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and encouraging the growth of that relationship through the local church.” Braulick said.

This is exciting to see God moving people to start new businesses in St Cloud that serve the community and impact the culture in a positive way. This is really what we Christians are called to do, change the atmosphere, by acting on our faith in our daily lives to share the gospel with the world.  

I cannot wait to report/testify on the positive impact of this project. To keep up on this new station and start listening, here is their website.

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