Things Are Not As Good As They Seem, America The Beautiful Is Being Subverted

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   7/3/2012

Religious freedom was one of the primary reasons that America was founded.  Most of the founding fathers that signed the declaration of independence were active ministers at the time.

The wisdom they put in the founding documents of America came from their insight into a lifetime of studying the ways of the Lord.

Religious freedom is at the foundation of society, it is the intellectual and legal bases for why all people of our nation are given the freedoms and liberties we have.

Without complete and unrestrained religious freedom, the foundation of freedom and liberty cannot be defended.   It seems so easy to recognize the folly of other nations that continue to restrict religious freedom, and yet few seem to realize that our nation is in the process of pushing down this pillar.

Everything is built upon religious freedom.  Yet today, congress is being inundated with special interest groups that are asking for new laws to restrict our religious freedom by way of giving them a legal advantage.  They think they are achieving something great by using the government to force other people to follow their ideas. 

The problem is that by giving special interest groups new laws to gain influence over others, they are violating the Constitution by putting limitations on religious freedom. By doing so they are destroying the foundation that our nation rests upon. 

Most of them do not realize the destruction they are asking for.  In fact, even the nations of the world don't realize that the primary reason their economies are a disaster is because of their religious persecution. 

For example, Canada is about 10 years ahead of us in limiting religious freedom and they have already created several laws in which they thought had good intentions, but have resulted in major losses of freedoms and major restrictions on economic growth.

Here is a diagram to help illustrate religious freedoms' importance in every society.


Private Property, Rule of Law

Here is how our freedoms stack up.

Economic growth and prosperity is built upon private property rights and the rule of law to protect those rights. Private property rights allows businesses and owners of businesses to conduct business and produce products and services without limiting their conscious objection or motive based on their religious convictions.

If private property rights are not protected by laws against political activist judges that are influenced by special interest groups, then businesses will be limited in growth and profits.  The legal system in America has become a political action tool used by some to force others to comply.  This has resulted in a loss of private property rights and a rule of law to protect those rights.   

Freedom of Speech

After high school and college, business is where people learn to produce products and services that create jobs and wealth.

What they can say and do with their business and assets is limited by their freedom of speech or expression.  Freedom of speech is a very difficult freedom for a nation to defend unless the culture maintains a moral code of ethics that is righteous and true.  If the culture of a nation deteriorates to no longer follow a sense of morality, then it will not be able to people from each other without limiting the freedom of speech. 

The freedom of speech is much more than what people can say, it controls the freedom to live and teach what you believe. 

People learn how to grow a business by the freedoms of the business owner to go after new markets and invest into new ideas that they believe in.  Restrictions on speech translate into restrictions on what a business can do and say. These restrictions are taught to their employees and customers by the actions of the business which influence the culture.  So limiting the freedom of speech by protect special interest groups changed the culture.   

For example, when a business gives money to some organization and they are sued by a special interest group and rather than defending them, the judge forces them to also give money to special interest group, we have lost a great deal of freedom. 

This is already happening. For example, MN based Target has been dealing with many of these law suits in the last few years.   The owners, employees and customers don’t like what they are being forces to do, but because their private property rights are not being defended by the rule of law – all of society is being forced to complete with the special interest groups.

And when they are ruled against, the settlement also forces them into silence so they cannot openly discuss the injustice that is being forced upon them.  This is a loss of freedom of speech and education, because they cannot even tell their customers or employees that they do not agree with the special interest groups that they are forced to support.

Religious Freedom

Our prosperity comes from our liberty and freedom, which are built upon religious freedom. 

Without protecting religious freedom, the creation of new wealth is drastically limited.  This is what made America so successful, the ability to create new wealth. Sure there are many nations that have economic growth, but almost all of their growth is from selling something they already have; like oil or gas.  America is/was the last and greatest nation to have true economic growth because of our religious freedom.

What the world does not understand is that only the teaching of Christianity, that we were created by God with unalienable rights that no government should be allowed to take away, provide the case to uphold and defend religious freedom.

Therefore unless Christianity remains at the center of our culture, there is no intellectual argument strong enough to defend religious freedom.  

It is because we were created by God that we should be free to believe in and live out our belief in God. 

That means we should have the freedom of speech and the freedom of education and the freedom to own and use private property. All of these rights are protected by the Constitution, but the courts today are not upholding them. All of these rights should be protected by rule of law by our government so that we - the people - can freely create new things.

In an article today, Kelly Shackelford of Liberty Institute said "The Founding Fathers listed religious freedom first in the Constitution because without it, all the other freedoms would fall away."

That is exactly what I'm trying to say. Religious freedom is at the heart of our nation and it is being subverted.

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