Trusting The Lord Through Major Life Changes

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   8/2/2013

The last words I ever thought I would say to my family and friends were, “I’m moving to Texas!” Yet this is what I found myself saying after my husband accepted a job in Houston, and we decided to pack up and head out.

With only approximately three weeks to secure an apartment, complete all the paperwork for my husband’s new job, and pack up our entire lives, overwhelmed didn’t even begin to describe how we were feeling.  

It was definitely an exciting time as this was the first big move my husband and I have made since our wedding in 2011. But the anxious and overwhelming feelings were just as present as those of excitement for a new adventure. There were so many details involved in this move, and for me, it was almost too much to bear since I’ve lived my entire life in Virginia. I had never moved further away than 2 hours.  

Even though we’ve been in Texas now for 20 days and even celebrated our 2-year anniversary in our new state, it’s all been quite an adjustment. We went from both working together with the same schedule to me working from home and my husband working long hours every day. But through each decision and every unknown factor, God remained faithful through it all. He continued to show us that He’s always with us, leading and guiding our decisions.   

When my husband received the job offer, we hadn’t completely decided what our response would be. But we prayed through the thousands of factors and decisions, asking that God would show us what He would want for our lives as opposed to what we viewed as the easy decision. By the end of it, we took a huge leap of faith and moved to Texas!  

We have no idea what will be in store for us here, but what we can have confidence in is that the Lord knows what He has planned for us. And as long as we remain focused on Him and are prayerful in our decisions, He will continue to lead us. Our God is one that is always faithful, and He will continue to show His faithfulness, as we remain faithful to Him.  

“Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them—the Lord, who remains faithful forever.” –Psalm 146:5-6 

Throughout the move, I read this verse in Psalms and it just reminded me of the incredible God we serve. He is the maker of heaven and earth, yet He’s still a God who reveals himself to us and leads us in our daily lives.  

He is faithful in all things whether big or small . . . it is His perfect nature. When I think about all of the decisions we have to make in life, I cannot imagine what I’d be facing if I didn’t go to God in prayer and seek His will for me instead of my own. When we surrender our lives to Him, He doesn’t let us down. He continues to reveal Himself and guides every step we take. I’m so thankful to have a God I can serve faithfully and a God that leads me in His will for my life.

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