Underneath Europe’s Financial Collapse Is Their Moral Collapse

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   1/16/2013

With unemployment reaching 30-50 percent across Europe, the youth cannot see a future of prosperity or even hope for a way out.  Hopelessness is setting in, an entire generation with no hope in a better future.  

In a recent article in the Washington Post a young man of 19 who just graduated from high school in Greece had a goal to become an auto mechanic.  But as the country enters its fifth year of recession, he cannot find work.  

When asked about his plans, he said; “There’s no future here.” 

The culmination of the financial collapse in Europe has some un-imaginable consequences.

For example, even the workers that are employed are taking time off for depression. One in 10 workers have taken time off for depression.  

When youth are faced with high debts at the beginning of their working years they cannot imagine how they are going to have a family or even a future of their own.  Suicide rates are climbing and mental health issues are putting many of the most productive population on the sideline when the nation needs them the most.  

These are real reasons why fiscal responsibility is a moral obligation of every nation and Europe’s current collapse is a modern example.  

Did The Leaders Fail? 

Some would say that the reason 5.5 million young people across Europe have no hope in their future is because their leaders failed to make the decisions to keep government spending low and taxes low, so that businesses can continue to hire.  

Political leaders are always easy targets, but their decisions are always supported by the public.  So the real blame has to fall back to the people.  Even in America, everyone wants to blame the leaders without realizing the public elected them because they represented the interests of the people.

But the youth that are facing massive national debts, climbing taxes and unemployment were not around when the generations before them ran their nation into debts.  

The questions are; 

  • What were the parents of the youth thinking?
  • Why did they vote to increase the nations debts, year after year?
  • Didn’t they care about the future of their children?
  • Why weren’t they willing to live a life of financial restrain for the sake of their children?

Where does the idea of financial restraint come from? 

It comes from a vision for the future of the next generation. A vision for the future; this is where the idea of financial restraint comes from.  Each generation has an obligation to pass on a vision for the future to the next generation.  If any generation does not have a vision for the next, a financial collapse will quickly follow.  And therefore every nation is only one generation away from financial collapse. 

A Life Of Restaint

The idea of living a life of restraint is a radical idea that is completely contrary to the popular ideas of post-modernism that has swept Europe in the last decade.  Post-modernism is the rejection of God as the source of truth and law-giver.  The natural thinking that results from post-modernism is that there is no reason to live for someone else, no reason to restrain yourself for someone else – to serve someone else.   

Jesus taught us just the opposite.  

The radical idea of living a life of restraint is found in Christianity, modeled by Jesus Christ himself. 

If a generation does not believe what Jesus taught us, then they will have no reason to restrain their own living standards for the next.  It is unnatural to the human mind to deny ourselves for someone else, but Jesus taught us that there is great gain when we do.  Matt 16:24 - "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself"

We deny ourselves when we choose to love our children and give up spending to store it up for them.  This is how wealth is invested in the next generation. 

Love of parents for their children begins with parents that dedicate themselves to lifelong marriage.  

Marriage is a covenant of service to each other for life.  The natural thinking that results from post-modernism is contrary to marriage.  This can be seen in the dropping marriage rate in Europe for the last two decades.  The birth rate is now below replacement level, which means the nation's population is dropping.  The economic effects of a dropping birth rate are devastating, especially in a nation desperate for tax paying workers to support an aging population.

As the saying goes; “As marriage goes, So goes a nation”.

The strength of the family, which begins with a commitment to marriage, is the key indicator of a nation's health.  Europe’s financial collapse began with their moral collapse many years ago.  They are in the final stages of collapse.  The important question is when will they return to the knowledge of Christ?  When will they abandon their rebellion against God? When will they turn back to God and the knowledge he has that is vital to their survival?

When will they realize that when a nation turns away from God, they become their own greatest enemy.  They self destruct.

The Athiests try to say that believing in God is dangerous, when in reality refusing to believe in God is the most dangerous.

Europe’s financial collapse is a modern day example proving that what Jesus taught still matters.  The old gospel is the newest and most useful information in the world. The knowledge contained in the Bible is more valuable than any other book in the world.   

Of all the advance technologies of the 21st century, with iPhones and Spaceships and the Internet, the knowledge of the Lord remains the most valuable to every nation.  

There is no other knowledge that can sustain a nation. No other rules or laws or system that can be built to sustain a nation.  Christ is the only foundation.  


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