We Must Trust God Despite Our Circumstances Because He Has A Plan For Each Of Us

By: Ryan Atkins 0 Comments   3/24/2011

Last week in the documentary, Fab 5, Jalen Rose created controversy when speaking of his dislike towards Duke University from his time as a stand out basketball player for the University of Michigan in the early 1990’s.

Rose made up one-fifth of the well-known Fab Five, five freshmen who led Michigan to the NCAA championship game as freshmen and sophomores, also are credited for ushering in baggy shorts, black socks and the hip-hop mentality into college basketball.

During the documentary Rose took a shot at Duke University and Grant Hill.

"I was jealous of Grant Hill," he'd explained poignantly. "He came from a great black family. Congratulations ... I was upset and bitter that my mom had to bust her hump for twenty plus years. I was bitter that I had a professional athlete that was my father that I didn't know. I resented that, more so than I resented [Hill]. I looked at it as 'They are who the world accepts and we are who the world hates,” stated on Salon.com

Rose spoke of the same feelings dating back to a 2009 interview on ESPN’s Mike and Mike radio show on YouTube.

“He had everything I wanted.  He came from a tremendous family. His mom was roommates with Hilary (Clinton) in college. He had a famous athletic dad that he knew and loved and was in his life. I had a famous athletic dad that I didn’t know that wasn’t in my life...He went to...Duke University where especially in the early 90’s it became a good versus evil playing against the evil University of Michigan. Thugs versus the polished Dukes. So it was always there as an undercurrent....”

The above quotes reveal the jealousy Rose had towards Hill. Being a Caucasian I am unqualified to speak on the race dynamics of the situation. However, I will voice my opinion regarding being fatherless and the feeling of being an outsider.

I myself grew up fatherless. I never met the man responsible for me coming into this world. At the age of ten there was an attempt to get a hold of him but he made the decision that I was part of his old life and he wanted nothing to do with me.

Those words hurt, stung and left a hole that took many years to recover from. I was lucky that I had a large extended family from my mother’s side who took an active interest in me and assisting Mom when she needed help.

However, that doesn’t mean everything was hunk and dory. For much of my life I struggled with jealousy. Rose alluded to how even attending a top notch school such as the University of Michigan that he felt second class compared to Duke University given the fact that they wouldn’t recruit him despite him being highly regarded coming out of high school.

I had similar feelings towards classmates while in high school and others I met throughout much of my twenties.

I was angry because I did not have a father around to play catch with me, to teach me to fight or change the oil in my car. I was angry that I had to begin working at the age of 14 while a friend of mine was not allowed to work because his family desired for him to enjoy his high school experience.

I was angry because it appeared that certain individuals always caught a break, always had the ball bounce their way while my ball would be aimed perfectly towards the basket with a perfect ark but yet got denied because another ball bounced off the rim, nailed mine into my head (actual event from 8th grade basketball)Pain often arises because we as individuals will do as we’re taught, we’ll do what is right. Yet the ball still doesn’t make it into the basket. The difficulty in dealing with these missed opportunities increases when the reason is due to another which is completely out of our control.

Throughout much of the Bible envy is listed among evilness (James, Romans, Titus, Galations, etc.)

Over time the envy I had towards others decreased while an understanding of who God the Father is. I had to come to the realization that even though situations may not be ideal it doesn’t mean they’re impossible. We as people can so often look at another thinking they have it all together or that life is perfect for them but yet we do not know their difficulties, we do not know their challenges, we only know what we see.

We must trust God, in His perfection believing that simply because life may appear that it had begun with less of an advantage compared to others that He has a purpose and a plan which we should never underestimate.

"For I know the plans I have for you," Declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

Then God goes further by promising to give us whatever we need along the way.  The love that God has for us is deeper than the raging sea, as He has shown that He will do anything to reconcile our relationship with Him.

 “...If God is for us, who can ever be against us? Since God did not spare even His own Son but gave Him up for us all, won’t God, who gave us Christ, also give us everything else?” - Romans 8:31-32


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