What Difference Does It Make That Jesus Was Raised From The Dead?

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   4/5/2012

Three days after Christ died on a cross, his body was physically resurrected and he walked and talked among his followers.

The day of his resurrection changed everything. Just a few days ago his close followers clearly didn’t understand what he was planning and how they would be part of it.

The Living Christ

There hope was in the living Christ, not a dead Christ. So when he died they were devastated. Many of them left their families, gave up their jobs, education, wealth, homes, everything was riding on Christ to setup his Kingdom in which they would be a part of. 

When Christ died, their hope in a future with the Messiah was shattered. They scattered when Christ was arrested just as Christ predicted, and they were in complete shambled when we died.

But the day of his resurrection changed the course of history forever. Suddenly, their lifes' purpose and ours was revealed.  The resurrection of Christ illuminated what Jesus did for us so that we could have a future in his Kingdom.

Everything he said that they didn’t understand before was fulfilled in his resurrection. Not only is he not dead, but because our debt to sin was paid for with his death, we are free from the bondage of sin so that we can live with him forever more. And nothing can separate us from him.  

Not only did he remain the ruling King over all of heaven and earth, but he has a purpose for each one of us that is more valuable and more profitable for us than anything in the entire world combined.  

The followers of Christ were revealed a much bigger vision, with a much larger plan than they thought Jesus had come for. The resurrection revealed God’s plan for them to join Christ with their resurrection, just as He was resurrected.

Christ was not just a prophet or teaching like others before and after Him, the resurrection proves that He is indeed the Son of God, just as He claimed to be.

The life of the story of Christ is in the resurrection, because in this historical event lies the future of humanity. 

It proves that God is just and if He is willing to give the life of His Son, He will surely judge the entire world.  Furthermore, because God is just and will carry out His judgment on the world, He will remove the wicked from the righteous and the righteous will enjoy a peaceful future with Him and without the presence of evil.

Now then, knowing our future is not only glorious but completely secured in what He has done – we can live with tremendous boldness and can achieve great and mighty things in His name. Unlike anyone else that does not have this revelation of what the Lord has done.

This is why the resurrection of Christ makes a tremendous difference in our everyday lifes. 


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