What To Make of The Record Number of Muslims Converting to Christ In The Middle East?

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   11/9/2012

Predominantly Muslim countries around the world, especially in the Middle East, are experiencing an overwhelming change. When it comes to outreach and missionary work, Muslim communities are in great need.

While the religion of Islam does have a few similarities to that of the Christian faith, there are numerous and drastic differences still that keep the religion of Islam from being completely true.

But it is because of these few similarities that witnessing to an Islam can be difficult.

If anyone has ever talked to a Muslim brother or sister about Christ, they will quickly understand how important it is to know the Scriptures and be able to present truth to questions that are asked.

I believe that Satan tries to use these similarities about believing in one god to deceive Muslims in thinking they are practicing a religion that will get them to Heaven—when in actuality it is what is hindering them to knowing the Savior, Jesus Christ. And it is our responsibility as Christ-followers to allow God to use us to reveal to them true salvation through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

God is continuously proving Himself faithful and the evidence is found in an increased amount of Muslims coming to Christ in recent years. Fox News recently interviewed Joel Rosenberg, President of The Joshua Fund and best-selling author of “Dead Heat.” Rosenberg frequently travels throughout the Middle East, including Iraq, meeting with pastors. During the interview, he was asked to describe how hard it was to be a Christian in a predominantly Muslim country such as Iraq.

“It’s extremely difficult. You have all kinds of violence that everyone else is dealing with and then you have the fact that radical Islamic Jihadists hate the concept of somebody becoming a follower of Jesus Christ,” Rosenberg responded.

While Iraq does also consist of the historic, Catholic Chaldean Christians, the main religion is Islam. However, in testimony to the Lord’s work in Iraq, there has been an increased number of conversions to Christianity in recent years.

Actually, more Muslims have converted to Christianity in the past 5 years than over the last 15 years in history! An estimated 20,000 former Muslims are now faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Rosenberg explains that one reason he has witnessed this drastic increase of conversions in Iraq is that Muslims are facing a moral dilemma when they see radical Muslims killing other Muslims. Radical Jihadists are proclaiming violence in the streets, and many have died at the hand of their swords. They are even preaching that the Qur’an says it is okay to kill other Muslims, which is not what the Muslim scriptures teach.

As a result, they have seen some turn from Islam and simply become agnostic, but many others are becoming Christians. Some people have questioned if this is a true conversion or a political agenda. But Rosenberg addresses this issue based on his firsthand experiences in Iraq:

“One of the things that fascinates me…is [we are] meeting with Iraqi pastors. That’s the key, it is Iraqis leading Iraqis to Christ,” Rosenberg said.

He states in his interview that they have even met with previous Sunni terrorists who have now come to faith in Jesus Christ and are serving as pastors and missionaries in Iraq. Many of these previous Muslims have testified that Jesus Christ revealed Himself in a vision or a dream—allowing them to see true salvation through Him.

Rosenberg compares this to the story of the apostle Paul—someone who was once a murderer but then came to faith in Jesus Christ after seeing a vision of Jesus on his way to Damascus. He then spent the rest of his life serving and following Christ.

He confirms that while there are some Western missionaries serving in Iraq, it is not a group of Western people forcing a religion on a country or Muslim group. “This is an indigenous movement,” according to Rosenberg.

Reports show that this increased conversion of Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ is not only happening in Iraq, but throughout the Middle East as a whole. In Iran, more than 1 million Shiite Muslims have converted to Christianity in the last 30 years, and more than 5 million Sudanese have come to accept Christ in the last 15 years! This is the power of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit making the change in Muslims around the world.

Here is a video documentary:

God even tells us in His Word that as it comes closer to the time of Jesus’ return, we will see even more people turn to Christ as a result of the presence of His Spirit.

“In the last days, God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.’”—Acts 2:17

Here is another video documentary:

God is revealing Himself to these Muslims through dreams, visions, and through the Scriptures and testimonies of those who have faith in Christ. We can truly praise God for the lives of these Muslims that are transformed through their salvation in Jesus Christ!

The Holy Spirit is moving throughout the Middle East and in Muslim communities, drawing people toward Jesus Christ. Let us join Him in fulfilling the Great Commission by continuing to pray for Muslims around the world and doing our part in spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

If you are interested in viewing this brief interview with Joel Rosenberg, you can find it here.  


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