When A Nation Abandons Natural Marriage They Also Abandon Freedom

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   6/20/2013

The same day men and women made their way to the Capitol steps last March, our nine justices of the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments regarding the federal Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 Amendment- both legislative actions supporting natural marriage.

After listening to the debates in the courtroom that day, some have said that the justices are asking hard, probing questions. They don't seem to be given to the whims of culture or emotional appeals. But no one knows what their decision, which is expected by June, will be.

Up until recently, it may have seemed like proponents for same-sex "marriage" had the upper hand. Their appeal caught the emotional attention of many young folks, and the question "Why not?" seemed to be received with silence. It seemed those supporting natural marriage weren't prepared to answer such a question. Or maybe they were afraid to.

But some have confidently and clearly stated their position. Chick-fil wasn't shy at all about their position to support natural marriage. Mindy Belz wrote in WORLD Magazine of another anonymous organization which phrased their response this way: "'Homosexual desire itself is contrary to the design of God for human sexuality. In that sense, it is rightly thought of as a fallen condition and, in general terms, a consequence of sin and brokenness.'"

That statement was worded well. It describes a religious basis for the conviction to support natural marriage, which leads to another component to the debate: legalizing same-sex marriage directly impacts religious freedoms.

Activists on the other side might say that their religious freedom is being hacked. They believe, and maybe have deep convictions, that they should marry. Why should we stop them?

The truth is, they can "marry." Heterosexual and homosexual couples can have a religious ceremony apart from the law. The question is, which relationship is in the best interest of the state to promote and support?

With this in mind, state-supported natural marriage as currently defined is not only most beneficial to the health of the family and to society, it also prevents the hacking of religious freedom.

How so? If the definition of marriage was opened to same-sex couples, florists and counselors who provide services to couples looking to marry could be sued if they turned down a client based upon their convictions for marriage. Furthermore, if same-sex marriage was legalized, gay activist curriculum would likely be part of the public schools, and in some states parents have had difficulty pulling their kids out of it. In each of these cases, the desires of the LGBT agenda seem to overrule one's religious convictions.

If these implications on religious freedom aren't frightening enough, the indifference of culture and some legislators to this issue is! When I discussed this issue with my legislator, he seemed to be more concerned about the same-sex marriage proponents having the "right" to marry. The alternative, to him, was discrimination. "So, which one will you vote for?" I asked. Defending religious freedom, or defending same-sex marriage? He didn't answer this question. His indifference was a blaring alarm not just regarding the same-sex marriage bill in Minnesota, but regarding other issues that may infringe on religious freedom.

The Pilgrims left behind their heritage and risked their lives for the sake of religious freedom. Since when has this religious freedom no longer been a priority?

To be certain, this is a spiritual battle. But God is still in control. And if we say prayer changes things, then we have to believe it, even when political winds seem to be blowing the other way.

Regarding the marriage discussion, there have been movements that have been, in my opinion, divine.

First of all, conversation has begun, and it has awakened camps on both sides. We've been made aware of the harmful implications legalizing same-sex marriage would have on our families and our state. We've also been made aware of the impact same-sex marriage would have on religious freedom.

So, what must we do? The same thing those who were on the march to the U.S. Capitol did when they were blocked by LGBT activists: get on your knees and pray. Then, get up and keep marching.  


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