When Technology Becomes Our God, It Owns Us

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   6/30/2014

In a world of too much information, companies like Apple, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have grown to meet our demand in helping us manage all of it.  

Throughout history we have experienced periods of great technology advancements, which have been the primary driver of increased productivity and economic growth.  From the industrial revolution to the modern age, technology has been the primary means of wealth creation.   

But this time I see something different.  Since the invention of the printing press, no government or nation has been able to stop the spread of Christianity.   

In many ways, the technologies of the information age have become very useful in helping to share the truth about Jesus around the world.  From digital Bibles, to digital movies, to sermons available on the Internet, the information age has been useful in spreading the good news.  

But that trend has begun to change.  As the real world has become digital, we have become more and more dependent upon this digital world.  When the printing press began printing Bibles and sending them into different nations, it was almost impossible to trace them to where they were being printed from.  Anyone could setup a print shop in their basement and start printing.   

In the digital world, this is not the case, because any computer on the Internet can be traced to the owners and the location at which they are sharing information.  And, any computer can be blocked from publishing on the Internet.  These aspects of the digital age enable the powers that be (companies, governments, etc.) to control what information is allowed to be shared.  Many nations like China, North Korea, Iran and others use this advantage of the digital world to control the information that they allow to be spread.  

Freedom of Information  

For many years America has mocked these nations for not allowing the freedom of information and boasted about how we allow information to be freely shared.  Yet, the freeness of information in America is rapidly adjusting to the world's standards.   

For example, Yahoo and Google have recently decided to stop running ads from Pregnancy Resource Centers that offer alternatives to Abortions.  What this means is that these companies are now being used to control information in America.   

A few years ago, this wouldn’t matter, because information was spread in so many other ways, but now that we have become so dependent on digital information companies like these we are at their mercy to continue to allow the freedom of information.  

What has happened is that these companies have become part of the cultural war being waged against Christianity.  These companies are getting threatened, bullied and sued by people that don’t like the truth about Jesus getting spread on their technology platforms.  To increase their leverage against these companies, the advocates are using information technologies like social media to target these companies to force them to comply with their demands.  So the very technologies that were created to increase the spread of knowledge are now being used to censor information about Christianity.

This has been a growing trend for several years now and as this continues more and more Christian organizations will be censored and forced out of business.  If this trend continues, we might see the complete control of information on the Internet regarding who Jesus really was and what he really said.   

The information age is here, just as predicted in Daniel 12:4, and what happens next looks to be setting us up for an age of censorship and control, as digital companies become tools used to determine what everyone is allowed to believe is right or wrong. 

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the enemies of Christ will not continue to use technology to censor Christianity. Then again, just a few days ago a school was discovered to be blocking its students from conservative websites, and searching for words including Jesus.   The school also blocked Pope Francis, the Vatican website, and many other Christian websites.   

I can sense where this is going and for that reason I don’t want to use these information companies anymore than I have to, because the more I use them the more empowered they become.  Yet I have to use them, because, like everyone else, I depend on them.  


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