Why Science Cannot Determine Human Value Or Derive A Moral Standard

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   9/9/2014

A few years ago, Sam Harison wrote a book called, “The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values,“ in which he tried to argue that science will one day will be able to determine a moral standard – by which could sustain society.   

The problem is that science is the study of causes.  Science is the study of what caused the universe and everything in it to come into existence.  But Atheism begins with the assumption that there is no cause to the beginning of the universe.   

If man is the god of the universe, then morality must be derived from each man, but since each man’s idea of what is good/evil or right/wrong is different, there is nothing common to connect each man’s opinions.  There is no way to determine whose opinion to live by and whose opinion not to live by.  There is also no way to convince someone that their opinion is wrong – because there is no standard by which to judge anyone’s opinion.  And because there is nothing to connect man’s opinions, there is no common meaning that can be derived from the collection of individual opinions.   

Without a Cause

Without meaning, there is no purpose. So the first assumption of Atheism, that there is no cause to the beginning of the universe, eliminates any meaning to connect each man’s opinions to form a standard for morality.  Apart from a cause, man cannot derive a common morality.  

If there is no meaning or purpose, then why do we live as if there is?  Why do we create laws and hold people accountable to a system of justice?  No other animal does this. Justice implies that we have a purpose in life and that when someone interrupts our life or unjustly takes something away from us, we have a right to justice.  Justice implies purpose, and our demands for justice proves that meaning exists.  Humanity is born with a hunger for justice which reveals who we really are.  The value of life begins with God, because he made us precious.    

If man is the god of the universe, and there is no meaning to life, then justice does not matter.  Our demand for justice is a demand for God.  Without justice there is no way to derive a system of thought or a moral standard capable of supporting a society in which people can live happy and content.  Our need for justice reveals our need for God, and not just any god, but a God that is holy and just and capable of punishment and reward (all powerful).   

God is Irreplaceable

This is the irresolvable problem of Secular Humanism/Atheism that will forever plague the idea that there is no God.  God is irreplaceable.  God is needed for any rational determination of how we live.   

This is why Secular Humanism/Atheism will never grow into a large percentage of the population. Its foundational assumptions are false.  It is self-defeating.  History points out that whenever Secular Humanism/Atheism has increased, death and collapse soon follow, replaced by a people of religious convictions.  

This is why the New Atheism movement is intellectually bankrupt – just as God said it would be. The Bible tells us how the history of the world will unfold and at no time does the world become Atheistic. In fact, just the opposite happens; rather than moving to eliminate religions from the world, religions grow in power, and at some point, their power is consolidated to form a global religion as the fourth world empire appears.  This is described in the books of Daniel and Revelations.  

The New Atheism movement has no future, but it does have a purpose.  The purpose of the New Atheism movement is to lead the nations of the world away from Christianity and into the false religion of Secular Humanism.  And they are not alone. The New Atheism movement is just one part of the global rebellion against Christ that is underway.  


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