Without Understanding the Irreplaceable Value of Biblical Morality, A Nation Will Become Its Own Greatest Threat

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   9/8/2011

While workers cleared away the rubble from the 9/11 attacks in 2001, they unexpectedly came upon a shape formed from two beams which were fused together by the heat of the building's wreckage: a cross.

The surprising symbol has been loved by many but hated by some. Janie Cheaney writes in WORLD magazine how this cross was moved around "like the Ark of the Covenant" and was considered blessed by the priest. Recently, plans have been to station the uncontrived cross at the 9/11 national museum.

But others oppose the cross. Members of the American Athiests, Inc. group have filed a brief regarding this cross. They say they are "being subjected to, and injured in consequence of having, a religious tradition that is not their own imposed upon them through the power of the state."

Such reasoning has been used against national monuments which boast scripture or reliance on God. It also is at play in other parts of the world.

Fox News recently reported on a "Christian cleansing" of school textbooks in Australia. The government plans to replace the terms BC (before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini, latin for "in the year of our Lord") with new terms: BCE (before common era), BP (before present) and CE (common era).

It's as if the urge to avoid images reflecting Christianity is greater than the urge to protect history, which in the United States is strongly tied to Christian beliefs.

Obviously, a spiritual battle has been underway since Eve bit into the apple back in Genesis. But only in the past few decades has Christianity been openly challenged cross-culturally in this country.

At one point it was commonly accepted in the United States that the Bible was truth and the ultimate authority in all matters. Lately, the Bible has not only been challenged, it has been laughed at. So, who decides what is right from wrong?

With God shoved out of the equation, it appears that all cards are in play. To some, that is most desireable, yet most destructive.

As Curtis Ophoven wrote in a previous article, "Without teaching each and every generation the value of morality, the natural progress[ion] of any group of people is to find another god to put their hope in... The god that we always choose is ourselves, which is manifested in government."

If we put our trust in the government to guide us in morality, we are putting stock in people who are as fragile, sinful, and oftentimes as wrong as ourselves.

Certainly, if one man today became the judge for morality, he would make mistakes. Guaranteed. What hope exists in that?

None. No hope for real, consistent Truth, no hope for a righteous judge and lawgiver, and nothing to strive for in the future.

This is destructive to society. As Dennis Prager, a conservative writer and speaker, said, "A society does not survive if it does not have a reason to survive."

So what to do?

Prager alluded to a solution when he said, "I believe the greatest threat facing America... is that we have not passed on what it means to be American to this generation."

Bingo! Parents and grandparents have the responsibility for teaching the next generation what it means to be American, but even more so what it means to be a sinner in need of a Savior.

God made this charge to the Israelites in Deuteronomy 6: "6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. 9 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates."

Yet, down the road, the Israelites ran into the same predicament in which we are. They didn't pass on God's words to their children, and in 2 Kings 22 they stumbled upon the forgotten "book of the law." After reading it, they realized their morality, or decisions about right and wrong, were way off base.

For the Israelites, destruction was sure to follow. But King Josiah and others repented, and the people pledged themselves to a renewed covenant with God.

Our families today have the same charge the Israelites had in Deuteronomy: to teach our children morality based on a dependable, totally righteous source: the Bible, which points to placing our trust in the only perfect man: Jesus Christ.

Some athiests have suggested that raising a child to understand Biblical truth is "brainwashing" them into Christianity. Realistically, if raising children in Christian values "brainwashes" them into Christianity, then aren't all children "brainwashed"? Even the child who is exposed to many religions and told they are all right (which is illogical) is then "brainwashed" into polytheism. 

Moreover, if teaching children something other than Christian values leads them to a disastrous life than neglecting to teach children Christian values is perhaps the most dangerous thing parents can do to their children. If you want to give your children the best chance at a peaceful and fulfilled life, invest in them Christian values.

Certainly the Holy Spirit's work occurs in the life of a child raised without scripture, and some children raised in a Christian home still reject Jesus Christ. Yet the responsibility of parents to teach their children Biblical truth remains the same and has immeasurable impact.

However, today more parents are investing less time in Biblical instruction and are pulled into other priorities. Few parents realize the real impact of Sunday school, Bible camps, VBS, AWANA, and the like, which is where children are equipped for the rest of their lives. What they learn in their youth determines much of their future.

"Neglecting to teach children the knowledge of Christ is setting them up for a disastrous life," Ophoven said. "If you want a good investment with a better return than the stock market, invest in the knowledge of Christ in your children."

If the Bible is not taught at home, the philosophies of our culture are against them, and one day your young one may stumble upon a cross and fiercely call it out-of-line as the athiests have done with the cross at the 9/11 national museum.


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