Big Visions Cannot Be Supported By Small Minded People

Pastor James E. Alberts II   10/15/2012

Pastor James E. Alberts II is the Senior Pastor at Higher Ground Church of God in Christ in Saint Cloud, MN.

We all carry in us the ever growing dream of greater. That “greater” can be visions of owning your own business, graduating from college, finding your true love, or even just making it home in time for dinner.

Dreams, in a sense, are those things that we can see but have yet to achieve and at that level they are fragile constructs of our hope and faith.

It is in this fragile state that they are most vulnerable to attack and challenge from all sides and even from within. 

In 2 Kings 6, we see the prophet of the Lord Elisha and his servant standing before the horses and chariots of the Syrian army.

The vision of Elisha was that this is an opportunity to show the power of the Lord. His servant however was unable to see this vision. It is here that we are able to see one of the greatest challenges to our own visions and goals, small minded people. The servant could not see the way out, “... Alas, my master, how shall we do?” (2 Kings 6:15). And there it is, the great faith killer, DOUBT.  

In Christ, we are encouraged to believe without seeing (John 20:29) and yet this blind faith is not easily come by. The situations and circumstances that act as the flower bed for these miracles to spring forth, demand levels of faith that we are not always aware we posses. It is at these times that the dreams that we have dared to dream are put to task.

Do you really want that degree? Did you really want to apprentice under the greatest? Did you really want a double portion of his anointing? To some, these questions can come as a challenge or threat to dreams so long sought after. To others however, they are an opportunity to prove that there is more to this vision than just hope.

Elisha’s response to the doubt of his servant is a model for us to use now anytime we deal with those that doubt what God has already revealed to us. “And Elisha prayed, and said Lord, I pray thee open his eyes, that he may see.” (2 Kings 6:17a) 

Elisha was a man with vision in both a natural and spiritual sense. After serving under another great man of God, Elisha proclaimed that he wanted a “double portion” of his masters anointing. Thats quite a dream to have, double of what was already great! But Elijah, his predecessor, did not achieve his stature without work and it was sure that Elisha’s journey should be no different.

During his ministry there were many times where Elisha’s faith was tested, his visions challenged, but in the end he stuck by what God had revealed to him and prayed for them that could not see.  

Small minded people can infect your faith by simply questioning what you already know or what you have already been shown. But hold fast to the Lord and the things he has entrusted to you and pray that their eyes (and mind) be increased to receive a greater portion from God.

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