No Room For Jesus

Pastor James E. Alberts II   12/9/2013

Pastor James E. Alberts II is the Senior Pastor at Higher Ground Church of God in Christ in Saint Cloud, MN.

“and she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid in Him in a manger because there was no room in the inn for them” Luke 2:7

A man and a pregnant woman had come to bethlehem for the census ordered by the government only to find that there was no place of shelter for them to stay.

Turned away possibly after several tries the couple surmises to camp out in the barn with animals, preempted of course, by the coming of baby that would not wait any longer in the womb.

But an act of desperation this was not… for even in the womb Christ was ensuring that all went according to his Father’s plan.

How many of us, upon answering the door and seeing a man and pregnant woman (in labor) would shake our heads and close the door. Of course if we KNEW it was Jesus we wouldn’t do it, but that would not say anything about the love you have your fellow man, only that you are favor seeking and looking for a close spot to the throne. Jesus says to us, “as you have done for the least of these, you have done for me also,” and He starts even before he is born. ‘

Can we make room for Jesus in this season? Or schedules are full, the trips are planned, the lists have been made and we really are pressed for time. Is there room for anything else at all? We even have special church services to accommodate the busy schedules of believers so that they can scurry along to the various programs, visit with the in-laws this week so they can see the other side of the family next-week.

Decorations outside, christmas tree inside, hide the presents, hide the presents, hide the presents…. and then comes the knock at the door and its people you don't know and they want something you just know you haven't got, time and room in your life.

In the time its takes to say come in, Jesus can transform busy into blessed; take away worry and stress; place a hold on tribulation and lift us out of distress. I am talking about the Living Word of God, Jesus The Christ.

His present at the door at the inn (not the ones under the tree), and the denial of Him show us two things… that everyone that can take Him in wont & that he is still coming even if you don't make room for Him. Whether in the barn or in your neighbors garage, He is coming, open up!

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