1 John 2:5-6


"But if anyone obeys his word, love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did. "

This verse answers the question of 'Who is a Christian'.

These days this question is hard to answer because many in America call themselves Christians, yet very few obey his word anymore.

This is the primary reason that the nations of the world have lost respect for America. Because we call ourselves Christians, but no longer live up to his word.

This is the reason the world is crumbling, because the last place on earth that held to the truth has rebelled against God and his commands.

You see it was under the label of 'Christianity' that the world trusted us with their money. They trusted us because they knew we were obligated to the word of God to be honest.

What they have realized is that we have left our faith and the only thing we kept is the label, because it brought us economic trust in the global economy.

The collapsing global economy is because we have forsaken our faith in his word and no longer obey his commands, foolishly thinking we could prosper without him.

There is no other foundation that any nation can be built upon.

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