Matthew 10:38


"And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. "

This verse tells us that if we do not take our mission seriously as ambassadors for Christ, we are not worthy of serving him.

This verse can be difficult to swallow or understand. What Jesus is saying is that we need to take Him seriously, because he is the only source of truth and nothing else is worth building our lifes upon.

In other passages, Jesus said; I wish you were either hot or cold, but your are lukewarm and so spit you out of my month.

Jesus is saying the same thing, believing in Jesus is not just something we do one day at church and than we go about our lives following our desires. No, Jesus is God and has all authority in heaven and earth. He appoints kings and controls the stars.

We cannot serve two masters. We will love one and hate the other. A friend to the world is an enemy to God. There is no middle road, no neutral position to take. There are only two roads, a wide road the leads to hell and a narrow road that few take.

Jesus said, you are either gathering people to me or scattering them from me.

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