Former atheist astrophysicist, Sarah Salviander, explains her journey to Christianity


"Sarah Salviander, is a research scientist in astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Texas. Raised by atheist parents and taught to be hostile to Christianity, it wasn’t until she started studying physics as an adult that she began to encounter smart and joyous Christians, who changed her life."

"I was ignorant not only of the Bible, but also of the deep philosophy of Christianity and the scientific discoveries that shed new light on the origins of the universe and life on Earth."

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Another words, recent scientific discoveries led Sarah to realize that Christianity is true.  She discovered that what her parents taught her about Christianity was actually false.  Atheism suppresses the truth and keeps people from looking as the evidence for the truth.  Atheism has no scientific evidence to support its claims, rather the universe testified against it just as it says in Romans 1. 

More and more scientists are looking at the evidence, comparing it to the claims of Christianity and finding the same thing.

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