Scientists are baffled to find preserved Dinosaur blood cells


Most of the secular scientific community puts a lot of faith in evolution.  But resent discoveries have they shaking their heads.

"The discovery of well-preserved blood and proteins in a supposedly 75-million-year-old dinosaur fossil has stumped secular scientists and led one Christian apologist to herald the findings as evidence of a young Earth."

"The researchers were stunned when they discovered what appeared to be red blood cells in one of the specimens."

"It has long been accepted that protein molecules decay in relatively short periods of time and cannot be preserved for longer than 4 million years,”

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If dinosaur blood cells exist today, than the dinosaurs must have dies within a few thousand years ago.  This new evidence complete destroys the idea of evolution, which needs millions of years for animals to 'transition' to humans.  The evidence reveals the true history of the world as the bible describes.

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