A golden age for Christian philosophy


Paul Copan is a philosophy professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida.

He is also the author of many books like, including “Is God a Moral Monster?” and “Did God Really Command Genocide: Coming to Terms with the Justice of God”.

In an interview with WORLD magazine Warren Cole Smith, Copan says we are entering a golden age for Christian philosophy.

“We have really seen a seismic shift take place since the 1960s when people reluctantly identified themselves as Christian philosophers, if at all. Now, we’re seeing evangelical Christians who really are, in many ways, at the forefront of philosophical discussion. They are the ones who are getting their books published with Oxford University Press and in other mainstream publishers, something really unthinkable a generation and a half or two ago. We’re really seeing a swelling of the ranks. This really is a golden age for Christian philosophy, for Christian apologetics. Many positive things are taking place here.  “

The surge in Christian’s moving into philosophy seems to be in response to the last decade of ‘New Atheists’ books that attacked Christianity.   Students that read these books in high-school are pursuing philosophy majors in order to defend Christianity.

But the Atheist momentum that started a decade ago has mostly faded away, as many of the authors have lost too many public debates with Christian apologist.  Like in 2013 when Richard Dawkins the author of “The God Delusion” lost a debate to Rowan Williams at Cambridge University.


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