Atheist vs Christian Debate Shermer vs Turek - Morality, Science or God


Dr. Turek does an excellent job explaining that when you assume that morality exists, you are already assuming that God exists.

The real question begins with our assumptions and our assumptions point to the existence of God.   We are trapped by reality, unable to argue without assumptions that point back to God.

When we try to assume God does not exists, then we don’t either – at least in any meaningfully way.  We want it both ways, we want God not to exist and morality and purpose to exist without reference to God.  But when we look at what morality is, a standard beyond ourselves that applied to everyone, we are forces to realize that morality is a quality that is beyond us that someone put into our design.  Morality is a God quality. 

And without morality we cannot have purpose.  So God is essential to our purpose in life. Without God we cannot put together a sound argument to make any reason for our lives.

If we look at the evidence, we are forced to think about who created us, because it had to be someone beyond us.  Someone with a mind that is outside of our limitations of space and time. 

Dr. Turek points out -

“You can’t have morality or purpose if materialism is true. “

“If evolutionary materialism is true, there is no morality or purpose. “

Here is the video of the debate:

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