Conservative students and Professors bullied out of higher education


This week is the 37th Annual National Conservative Student Conference.  One of the issues highlighted this year is how conservative students on college campuses are being marginalized, bullied and ostracized for their views.

I have read articles that try to say that the reason for the high percent of liberal professors is because they are more intelligent. 

What really happens is that liberal professors argue that they should be hired in order to give the students more diversity.  And then once they get into positions of hiring, they discard the diversity arguments that they used to get hired and force conservative professors out. 

In a previous article, Tia Johnson wrote about a scientist that was fired for being a Christian.

“For this reason, research at universities that are intolerant to Christianity remains incredibly biased. We’ve seen the reaction to Biblical truth being brought out in scientific discovery at many universities. Suddenly the “open-mindedness” is gone, and research is steered toward biased, tainted outcomes by professors that are intolerant of ideas that offend them.” has more on the story.  

“Over the years, progressive Democrats have systematically infiltrated higher education. A 2008 survey by Colorado University professor emeritus Edward Rozek found that of 825 faculty members, only 23 — or 2.7 percent — were registered Republicans. There are similar statistics all around the country.

“Many individual cases [show] that conservatives face discrimination in academe.”

With an overwhelming hold on higher education, leftist professors and administrators are firing those that contradict left-leaning preferences, effectively deterring free inquiry and free-speech.”

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