Future generations are likely to become leading supporters of natural marriage


Sometimes the claim is made that since the majority of millennials do not support natural marriage, it will be impossible to ever get the nation to support natural marriage again.

The media frequently used this narrative in order to discourage anyone from investing in teaching people the truth about marriage, the tremendous benefits of natural marriage.

But the same argument was used 40 years ago, when the Supreme Court ruled against the life of unborn babies in Row vs. Wade.  In took a lot of hard work by the pro-life movement to education the future generations about the value of unborn babies and now 40 years later a record number of the millennials are pro-life.

The same thing is likely to happen with marriage, the Supreme Court redefinition is going to have major negative consequences that will education the current millennial about true marriage and they are in turn going to teach their children the true value of natural marriage. 

Ryan T. Anderson answer this question perfectly in this video clip.


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