Lila Rose - Undercover Videos Prove 'What Has Been Happening Now for Decades'


The new videos appear to show medical staff discussing the sale of human organs as they explain how they have learned to increase the money they get by carefully removing the baby. 

Perhaps they have been selling baby organs for decades, protected by corrupt politicians supported by campaign contributions.  

It's hard to imagine that Obama, the Senate and the DOJ has yet to start an investigation.  

Planned Parenthood donated $679,596 through its PACs and affiliates to pro-choice candidates in the 2014 election cycle.   

The Daily Signal has more on the story.  

“In an interview with The Daily Signal, Rose said the Center for Medical Progress’ videos showing senior executives at Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of fetal organs “proves what has been happening now for decades.””

““They are engaged in the sale and profiteering of baby body parts,” Rose said.”

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