Russell Wilson and girlfriend Ciara aim for lifelong intimate sex


It was just a few weeks ago that Russell Wilson told the media they he and Ciara are waiting to have sex until they get married. 

Wow.  The media went crazy.  That cannot be done, they say.  Yet there he stands, one of the best NFL players in history next to one of most beautiful women in the world - Ciara.

If Russell Wilson and Ciara can wait to have sex with each other until marriage – the rest of us have no excuse. 

What an example of what marriage really is.  What an example of commitment to wait until they have committed themselves to each other. 

Rather than missing out, they are gaining one of life's greatest treasure.

Rather than settle for cheap sex, they are aiming for great sex.  By waiting for each other they are investing into their relationship and gaining lifelong intimate sex – what everyone dreams of.

The intimacy of their marriage will remain one of the greatest experiences of their lives.

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