This is no time to give up on politics


Marvin Olasky of WORLD mag reminds us of the difficulty of Daniel’s life as he risked his life for decades by speaking truth to the Babylon’s kings – never giving up.

“For 25 years in WORLD I’ve written about the long-run primacy of culture: When we lose media and academia, politics and law follow.   

The evidence for that is clear, especially after the same-sex marriage current on June 26 swept along five U.S. Supreme Court judges. But for the next 16 months, while we continue to work for cultural change, let’s not neglect short-run politics.”

“If we abandon politics prematurely and another opponent of American exceptionalism seizes the White House, our rare land of liberty may be no more. … Nebuchadnezzar’s soldiers brought Daniel as a captive to Babylon 2,600 years ago and enrolled him in an MBA (Master of Babylonian Arts) program. Daniel then risked his life for decades by speaking truth to Babylon’s kings. His astrologer associates were jackals. A den of lions loomed. Nevertheless, Daniel did not give up.” 

The 2016 Presidential election is a critical time for the nation as we face even greater problems then the last elections.  Heartbroken from a growing list of problem, from debilitating economic weakness to a relentless attacks on the family.

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