Why is the GOP Leadership afraid to defunding Planned Parenthood?


What could be more important?  The nation is outraged that hard working taxpayers are funding the selling of baby organs through Planned Parenthood.

The Daily Signal has more of the story; 

“Americans from all over the country have been outraged by recent videos of Planned Parenthood in which employees discuss selling organs from aborted babies. (Planned Parenthood has denied that the organization profits.) Planned Parenthood received over $500 million in taxpayer funding while performing 327,653 abortions during its last reporting year alone.”

It makes you wonder if the GOP leadership is making side deals with Planned Parenthood lobbyist in exchange for future election support.  

If that is what is going on, shame on them.  Maybe they have making deals for years and already have this blood on their hands and would rather keep the money coming than save the life of babies.

If this is true, than Ted Cruz is right, American politics is completely corrupted.  


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