Young Americans on the wrong side of history following the Supreme Court marriage ruling


In an interview about his new ebook, “Marriage Is: How Marriage Transforms Society and Cultivates Human Flourishing”, author Andrew T. Walker points out that the US Supreme Court ruled against Jesus Christ.

“Walker: If what Jesus says in Matthew 19:4–6 is true, then Anthony Kennedy is wrong. Jesus affirms all that the Old Testament teaches about marriage. If Jesus Christ is who the Scriptures and Christians believe him to be, then the justices who voted to redefine marriage have made a terrible, terrible mistake. This is not a Sunday-school truism. Being on the wrong side of Jesus Christ is to be truly on the wrong side of History. “

“Admittedly, those outside the church may not care one iota for what Jesus has to say about marriage. For those doubtful of divine claims on marriage, I’d put the question back on them: What makes you so sure you’re definition of marriage is right? But it’s not just Christianity that teaches the truth about marriage. All the Abrahamic faiths affirm this “traditional” understanding of marriage, as have non-religious cultures.”

We are about the see that the warnings Christ gave us against sexual immorality were for our own benefit. 

The US Supreme Court ruling against marriage will be remembered as a point in history where America took a turn in the wrong direction.

"Walker: The deterioration of a marriage- and family-oriented culture has resulted in pain and suffering on a massive scale because it is a deterioration of God’s plan for justice and social harmony. Abuse, poverty, lack of education, and crime are just a few of the social ills caused by this failure. "

The young adults growing up in America after the Supreme Court ruling against marriage will only get to read about how blessed the generations before them where.

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