40 questions Christians who support redefining marriage cannot answer


On June 26, the U.S. Supreme court ruled to legalize gender neural marriage nationally.  

Christians were very saddened, knowing the destruction and suffering that with result. But some professing Christians were tempted to join those close to them that have been deceived by this movement.   

In response, Kevin DeYoung wrote the article titled – “40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags

Here is a sample of those question: 

1. If you were once opposed to same-sex marriage, and now support same-sex marriage, what Bible verses led you to change your mind? 

2. How would you make a positive case from Scripture that sexual activity between two persons of the same sex is a blessing to be celebrated? 

3. When Jesus spoke against sexual immorality (porneia), what sins do you think He was forbidding? 

4. Do you believe that passages like Rom. 1:26-32; 1Cor. 6:9 and Rev. 21:8 teach that sexual immorality can keep one out of heaven? What sexual sins do you think they were referring to?

5. If “love wins,” how would you define love?  What verses would you use to establish that definition?  How should obedience to God’s commands shape our understanding of love? 


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