7 reasons men benefit from getting married, what are you waiting for?


Fewer people are getting married anymore and for many reasons.  But there is nothing like it when it comes to benefits.  Marriage creates some of the greatest benefits in life.   

I seem to run into young men all the time that think that are better off avoiding marriage.  They list some of the reasons like keeping more of their money, not having to raise children or not having to worry about getting divorced.  

These reasons may have some truth to them, but they also cause men to give up the benefits of these things.   For example spending money on your wife comes with the enjoyment of providing for her so the more you spend on her the more blesses you both are.  Raising children is challenging, but children are also one of the greatest enjoyments of life. 

If you give up raising children you are giving up one of the greatest joys in life.   And what about divorce?  It’s true if you don’t get married you don’t have to worry about getting a divorce, but you are also giving up a committed intimacy of a life-long relationship that only marriage provides.  

There is too much to give up by not getting married.  

Here are 7 reason that all men should seek out a spouse and get married.  These things can be found in books like, “The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier and Better Off Financially” and "The Ring Makes All the Difference."

  1. Married men are more productive, earn much more wealth
  2. Married men have more sex and better sex then unmarried men
  3. Married men enjoy a better relationship with their spouse with monogamy, they direct their strength and boldness into focusing and providing for their wife
  4. Married men gain life-long friendship with the children they raise
  5. Married men gain influence in their children and enjoy training and mentoring them
  6. Married men that remain married live longer (divorce increases suicide by 6x, which come to about 12 years off your life – compare that to a lifetime of smoking that takes off 7 years)
  7. Married men should marry by age 25 so they can gain the advantage of making early decisions together before they get too far into life.  Two people make better decisions than one.  Best age to marry 22-25 (no excuse not finding a spouse)  

I’m not sure why more sermons are not about marriage these days.  I think pastors should consider spending more time pointing out the benefits of marriage and encouraging young people to get married.


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