Book Review - Stealing from God, Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case


This new book by Frank Turek is a look at how Atheists cannot make a case against God without using what God has created to argue against him.  

This is a great book and Frank make's his case so obvious that I’m surprised no one has wrote this book before.  

This book points out that Atheists have no arguments that are not based on the something that the Lord has created -because there is nothing they can begin their argument with that cannot exist without God.  Frank Turek says it this way on page 41, “In order to construct any valid argument for atheism, the atheist has to steal tools from God’s universe because no such tools exist in the world of atheism.”

Facing the tremendous clarity of this book, the only response seems to be that if only they were given more time, many years into the future, somebody someday may find something that does not begin with God. This is called blind faith in nothing.  

The only trouble is that Dr. Tureks’ previous book, “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist” – already destroyed that argument.  Nothing in the future will reveal anything other than what we have in the universe today, of which all point to an intelligent and powerful creator.  

No amount of time can ever overcome the evidence we already have for God. The entire world would have to be re-created by someone just as powerful as God.  Science is the study of original causes.  Science cannot discover what does not exist. 

No evidence can be found for what does not exists to overcome the evidence for what does.  Atheism is blind faith against all the evidence of reality that we have found.  In this new book, Dr. Turek exposes the arguments by modern Atheists (2 Cor 10:5), not a one of them is left standing on anything but sand. (Matt 7:26) 

From logic, to reasoning, to intelligent information, to morality, to evil and science – the assumptions of all of these reveal an all-powerful God.

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