Competing worldviews don’t even come close to Christianity


Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries which is a Christian worldview and apologetic ministry based in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Dr. Myers recently updated the book they have used for 25 years at Summit, Understanding the Times, and spoke with Warren Smith from World magazine about the new book release.

Here is part of that conversation. 

“The phrase “understanding the times” comes from 1 Chronicles 12:32 where the tribe of Issachar [was] said to be men who understood the times and knew what Israel ought to do. Shouldn’t we as Christians be ones who understand the times in which we live and know what America ought to do?”

“[Warren] Talk about some of the individual worldviews discussed in the book and why you limited it to those six."

"We have the biblical, Christian worldview. Then we have five worldviews that I think of as counterfeit worldviews in that they try to replace Christianity, but their answers are insufficient. They give a shriveled view of reality.”

“If you line the worldviews up side by side and look at them categorically and exhaustively, you realize there’s not even a close competitor to a Christian worldview in explaining reality as God made it.”

In this book they use a set of tests that they evaluated each worldview with to determine how it best explains that part of reality.   When they compare the best worldviews next to Christianity, the evidence is clear, none of them even come close. 

Christianity offers the best explanation of reality.

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