Eagles fans welcome Tim Tebow with standing ovation


Tim Tebow made his return to the NFL on Sunday night and drove for a TD late in the game.  Playing backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in their preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

In an interview with ESPN, Tim said the standing ovation made the Eagles use the silent count.

“"I was thankful," Tebow said, laughing. "But I was also like, 'They [the Eagles offensive players] won't be able to hear me! We'll have to go [to a] silent [count].' It's very humbling. It definitely means a lot."”

“Tebow earned another ovation late in the fourth quarter. After a turnover gave the Eagles the ball in Colts territory, Tebow ran around right end and dove over Colts safety Winston Guy for a 7-yard touchdown.””

Tim didn’t play football last season after being released from the New England Patriots in 2013.

NFL football player and Heisman trophy winner Tebow became well-known for publicly expressing his faith through prayer.  He became a national inspiration to millions of Christians that like to see players pray in public.   


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