Financial ties keep the media from reporting on Planned Parenthood videos


Just a few days ago I pointed out a study that showed the majority of America – 70 percent – have not heard about the recent Planned Parenthood videos.

Today Crisis Magazine ran a story about how the major media outlets are keeping the story hidden because many of them have been donors and/or beneficiaries by connections to executives of Planned Parenthood.      

And there is a long list of politicians that take money from Planned Parenthood.   This is how the money flow keeps the businesses and politicians tied together - helping each other stay in business and stay in power.  

The Abortion industry has a network of corruption between media businesses and politicians.  This is what is protecting the Abortions industry and keeping them in business, despite the clear evidence they are killing babies every day.  

Corruption is the reason Planned Parenthood is still in business and corruption evidence of a nation is moral collapse.  Corruption is what we used to point out as the cause of collapse of third world nations - but now it is right here.

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