Gender is where we get our greatness, our uniqueness and our meaning


Last week Target began removing gender labels from toys and bedding, in an effort to join the genderless cultural trend.

This myth begins with the idea of redefining marriage.  If gender is not important in marriage, than it must not be important in parenting and it must not be important to children. 

They think they are liberating children from thinking they are boxed into their natural gender.  They think they are doing a good thing, by teaching children that gender is not important, that their identity is whatever they can imaging it to be.  They think they are helping children by teaching them they have no foundational identity in which to think of themselves as. 

The problem of course is that none of this is true, children are not being liberated when they give up their gender identity.  They are being enslaved to a false idea that their God given gender is not important.

We were created with our gender in the image of God, so that we would come to realize who he is.  (Gen 1:27).

The union of our gender is defined as marriage and is unique to humanity.  The creation account does not define the life-long union of gender for any other animals.    

When we discard our gender, we are discarding our greatness and our understanding of God.   Without God, we cannot build a case for uniqueness or meaning. 

Since marriage represents the image of God, when we attempt to redefine marriage we are actually attempting to redefine the image of God.  We are imagining God to be something that He is not and we are imagining that we are something that we are not.  We are pretending that God is not who he said he is and we are not who God said we are.  We are pretending that we are not humans.  

This is why marriage is critical for every society and nation.

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