Greater health found in cancer patients that believe in God


A new study shows cancer patients with greater spirituality report better physical and mental health.  

“In an analysis of studies with more than 14,000 cancer patients, the researchers found that religiousness and spirituality were associated with better social health, stronger roles and relationships in the community.”

“"Cancer patients who reported higher meaning, purpose, and spiritual connection in life also reported better physical health, as did patients who reported more positive religious or spiritual explanations for the cancer (versus a sense of fatalism or anger towards God)," Jim said.”

Even when people have cancer, believing in God is a major benefit to our health.

This is just another scientific study proving scripture is true.  “The fear of the LORD adds length to life“ - Proverbs 10:27. This is why I tell my Atheist friend that he should believe in God he is really wants to enjoy life to the fullest.     

Believing in God will increase your health, but Christianity specifically has so many truths that go beyond just believe in God. The scriptures give so many answers to the questions of life that studying the bible strengthens the mind in many ways.

God have done so much for us that it is impossible not to become overjoyed when learning about it.

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