Media keeping most Americans in the dark about Planned Parenthood videos


After 5 videos in the last few weeks have exposed Planned Parenthood for selling the bodies of Aborted babies, the major media outlets continues to ignore the story in order to keep the public from becoming aware of them.

A few study shows the vast majority of Americans – 70 percent – have heard little to nothing about them. 

The media is doing it’s very best to keep this major story off the cover of all major media sources. 

Even though just last week the pro-life movement nearly cut funding to Planned Parenthood in the US Senate as the majority of senators votes to cut federal funding 53-46. 

Democrats are particularly uninformed on the videos, with more than three out of four reporting they have heard little to nothing about the videos.”

Planned Parenthood is also using the media’s help to raise money by asking for funding from their supporters, telling them that they are under attack. 

Few Christians realize how effective they can be by just sharing articles about this on Facebook.

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