Music Video – Toby Mac, Feel it


Toby Mac just released his new album “This is not a Test”.

In the last few days he put the songs on YouTube.  His song “Feel it” is about how God takes our brokenness and makes us beautiful.   This song seems to stick in my head.  Check it out.

Here are some of the lyrics;

“When I sit back and imagine, Life without you I can't fathom, How I ever though I'd make it on my own, (on my own). And there's at least a million reasons, I'm still standin' here believing, You're my comfort, You're my healin', This I know”

“When ya can't see the wind but it moves the leaves, From the bottom to the top, Of the tallest trees, You are everything I will ever need, And they can't take that from me, Oh I feel it in my heart, I feel it in my soul, That's how I know, (oh oh oh ohah) You take our brokeness, And make us beautiful, Yeah, that's how I know That's how I know (You can't take that from me)”

“Love came crashin' in, Never gonna be the same again, Yeah, you came crashin' in, You wrecked me, You wrecked me, (2x)”

Here is the video:

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