Republican Christians have been right all along – Abortion is killing babies for money


The 5th video released today has amazing evidence of top Planned Parenthood staff talking about how they break the law in order to sell fully “intact” babies.

Obviously they have been doing this for a long time to have processes in place to alter the Abortion procedure in order to preserve the organs of the babies.   

They also talk about doing Abortions after 22 week to get full intact bodies.  The Abortion lobby and the Obama/Clinton administration has fought for years to keep late term Abortions legal across the nation.  In the video they say they do 40-50 late-term Abortions per month at this clinic.  

I don’t see any way Planned Parenthood is going to be able to survive this one.  

This will be a major issue for the upcoming 2016 elections.  The entire Democratic Party is going to be forced to answer the public for why they have continued to support the Abortion industry and have taken campaign money from them for decades.  

Here is the 5th video.

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