Rigged markets around the world begin to crash


For decades central banks around the world have been printing money to avoid recessions and keep the cheap credit flowing to the consumers.

Government leaders always do the same thing, faced with losing power by losing elections, they become desperate to keep the public happy by giving them more money to spend.

But it never ends well, throughout history every nation that has added lots of money to its currency eventually crashes.   No nation has been able to print its way to prosperity in the history of the world.  The only thing that saves the world from a global crash has been when one nation crashes, the other nations are able to stabilize the world markets. 

This time might be different because in the last 20 years all major economic nations have been money printing, so there is no nation or currency to lean on. 

The entire world has exchanged the truth for a lie.  (Romans 1:25)

I find it amazing to see the greatest economist in the world unable to explain what is going on.

The world’s greatest economist remind me of the “wise” men that King Nebuchadnezzar gathered together to interpret this dream in 2nd Daniel.  They said, what the king asks is too difficult, no one can understand these things.

What modern economist don’t realize is that the truth about God is inseparable to economy growth.  Without the truth no nation’s economy can grow.   


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