Ted Cruz is in the perfect position, just behind Trump


In the next few Ted Cruz will likely outshine Trump

Kristi Brown wrote a great article today at the ChristianPost.com, pointing out some the differences between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Trump is currently leading in the polls by 10 points over Ted Cruz at second place.  But Ted Cruz is in a good position with 15 months to go.  He has several comparable qualities with Trump, like his boldness against the GOP leadership and the media, plug he has a consistent conservative record.

Here is what Kristi said;

“Trump has donated to Hillary Clinton's political campaigns — four times — and called her a "fantastic senator," but is now positioning himself as her polar opposite. Cruz has consistently supported fellow conservatives, even when it angers the GOP establishment. Trump was once pro-choice and supported even partial-birth abortion (though he now claims to be pro-life because of a friend's child who was almost aborted but was, instead, saved). Cruz has consistently and courageously attacked Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, fighting for the civil and constitutional rights of the most oppressed class in America.”

“If anyone knows how to change politics as usual, it's Ted Cruz. If anyone has proven that he's focused on advancing the true, constitutional rights of the citizenry, it's Ted Cruz. And if anyone has proven that he is going to tell the truth — no matter how much ridicule he receives from the establishment — it's Ted Cruz. He has taken the mockery and betrayal of his own party's leadership with class. This is the kind of president who could face foreign leaders with confidence and dignity.”

“Cruz stated on national television that he is in God's Word daily — something Evangelicals need in any presidential candidate we support.  With his boldness, humility, and reliance on God, Ted Cruz is the candidate that America needs. We need courage, but we also need honesty. We need conviction, but we also need consistency.”

I think Kristi is right on the money, Cruz is in the perfect position just behind the leader at this time in the race.  And the longer Trump stays in the lead the better, because he is taking all the arrows from the GOP leadership and the media, while Cruz continue to tell the nation who he is. 

Eventually the media and powerful people are going to viciously attack Cruz and try to destroy him, I'm sure they are working on hit piece stories already.  But for now, Trump is taking most of the headlines and since he is still so far ahead in the polls they have to remain focused on him. 


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