The governments war against families and their businesses


When a government grows in power does not like competition.  The family is the biggest competition and a family business is how the family sustains itself apart from the government.

Denver city council is a perfect example, as they weighing whether Chick-fil will be allowed to open in the Denver International Airport.

“Ten of the 13 [Denver city council] members attended Tuesday’s meeting, and none rose to defend Chick-fil, although some didn’t weigh in,” reported the Denver Post.

Denver council member Paul Lopez “called opposition to the chain ‘really, truly a moral issue,'”

What – a moral issue, by who’s definition of morality?  The Denver city council is making moral judgements by their own standards, against God’s standard.  And they are doing so to censor a family business in order to force the business into compliance with the government’s immoral standards. 

What happen to separation of church and state, the argument so often used to keep Christians from entering into politics?

This is what happens when the Christians back away from government, they become a theocracy.

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